GulmoharDear Gulmohar

How alight and well-groomed you are,
As I see you,
From the terrace,
You need no introduction somehow.

As a child, I played witchcraft at your feet,
Our nails bore your petals in glee,
For you lured me and my friends,
who scared each other by telling devil’s fantasy.

I wonder,
how you remain unaffected by magic spells,
that the dark witches labourously cast on you;
they envy your scarlet beauty
hence snobly break their knuckles in day and at night,
to transform you into someone ugly.

The witches have tried in vain,
To decharm you;
So having lost all their powers,
They are compelled back to hell.

Gulmohar you still look as red as fire;
Like a lava smelting from top of a mountain;
Yet you have the kindest bosom,
As you provide shade,
To all, be it a stranger or someone known.

Now I know your secret,
Everyday the setting sun kisses you ‘ goodbye’ ,
He seems to protect you;
I suppose,
He is in love with you,
Therefore he awaits gloomily for you to come back in season.



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